This blog is a temporary workspace for the purpose of previewing a variety of works in progress I want to share. Several pieces are password protected either because they are still incomplete in either the video or audio content and/or I am in the process of securing the rights and permissions for some of the content.

You may also want to visit my website: which is also a work in progress as some of the pages are incomplete or being restructured. Also, the website is not currently "mobile friendly" but will be in the near future.

Take My Hand

This video vignette focuses on my visit to the Lorrain Motel in Memphis Tennessee - the site of Martin Luther King’s assassination. It is a one chapter excerpt from my work in progress long form documentary entitled POWERFUL PLACES.  

The final project will begin with a narrated montage on how the American Media in the 1960’s and 70’s contributed to telling the story of significant events in American history and its role as collaborator in leading to change in the world. When complete the documentary will include vignettes on the Civil Rights Movement and Viet Nam War. Each story will involve revisiting places where meaningful and dramatic historic events unfolded ... hence the title POWERFUL PLACES. 

With a synthesis of my contemporary footage, spoken word and borrowed vintage media content these stories adopt an autobiographical form and are meant to be a reflection on and celebration of numerous courageous social events that changed the world ... and the role photography, film, television and magazines played in informing American citizens and inspiring them to support and demand change.



A 1970 photo essay about a young girl who lived deep in the mountains of North Carolina alone with her mother in relative isolation and difficult circumstances. This portrait is one of over twenty photo essays made in this mountain region between 1969 & 70. The essay is one of many black and white photography projects  being transformed from their traditional exhibition print portfolio format and translated in to stories for the screen including images, narration and soundscapes. 

This version of Debbie is a final draft for preview only. The words and images are complete but the soundscape will be enhanced and indigenous music taken from vintage field recordings will be selectively added for the final state..


From the Ground Up

This video journal is a chronicle of a relay walk across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to the Statehouse - an action undertaken by a growing grass roots movement formed to stop the Northeast Energy Direct "natural" gas pipeline project proposed by Kinder Morgan. The video celebrates the "Voice of the People" as they question the need for the project and express their opposition to it. While the activist citizens say NO to the gas pipeline they say YES to conservation, alternative renewable energy, efficiency in existing systems and repair of leaking infrastructure already in place.

The statewide "relay walk / rolling march" began at the town of Richmond, Ma on July 6th making its way - day by day - to Dracut, Ma by July 26th. Local folks from the many towns along the route walked their leg of the journey through their communities. At the end of their walk they handed off a "baton" in the form of a pipe filled with an ever growing number of petitions to the walkers from the next town heading east.

On July 30th a rally which drew hundreds of protestors and a wide range of media was held on the Boston Common at the foot of the Statehouse. During the rally citizens celebrated their unity, expressed their opposition to the proposed pipeline with their voices and vivd signage as activist leaders spoke and the band played on.
Following the rally a small group of movement representatives met with Governor Patrick. By the end of the day U.S Senator Elizabeth Warren and U.S. Senator Ed Markey issued separate public statements opposing the Kinder Morgan pipeline as proposed.

Kinder Morgan, a 110 billion dollar corporation, has chosen a 127 mile route for their proposed pipeline across Massachusetts. If built as currently planned it would pass through 29 towns beginning in western Massachusetts at town of Richmond and end in the town of Dracut. The proposed route would penetrate private properties, conservation lands, state forests, wetlands and recreation areas. Land owners and stewards choosing not to allow access to their lands for the project face the ultimate threat of having their property seized by eminent domain.


You Don't Hear Much About THIS

A story about what it means when a natural gas compressor station becomes your neighbor. This video is one chapter in what will ultimately be a full scale documentary about the Northeast Energy Direct natural gas pipeline project proposed by Kinder Morgan / Tennessee Gas Pipeline, co. and the large grass roots opposition that has formed to stop it. 

If built, the pipeline would run over 400 miles from the fracking fields in Pennsylvania, through eastern New York, into western and central Massachusetts and across southern New Hampshire before ending in Dracut, Massachusetts. 


FLOW: a dance on camera

A trio of dancers happen upon a woodland brook and while following and exploring its course discover a sensory world which is both compelling and transformative.


No Place in Particular

NO PLACE IN PARTICULAR is inspired by the experience of traveling the open road. While rolling along during extended road trips I sometimes find myself in a limbo-land of evolving scenery flowing through an elastic sense of time and space. Landscapes I have already seen may merge and blend with places I encounter down the road and over the horizon. My perceptions of these new settings may be shaped by memories of places seen only moments ago or even days and weeks behind me in the rear view mirror. The past, present and future are in a state of flux. 

The places photographed are chance discoveries made while traveling along the open road throughout  America with no particular destination in mind. Although my images are void of people the human trace and cultural footprint is evident given the content seen in each view.

This work is designed to be projected in mural scale in an environment adjacent to an exhibition of still framed photographs from the complete portfolio. Ideally, the soundscape from the video space will spill into the surrounding galleries creating an audio atmosphere.